Building Use Requests

Building Use – Plus Weddings & Baptisms at Trinity UMC

Trinity facilities are available for use by local organizations and non-church groups in accordance with our policies and procedures. Any party interested in using a church facility must fill out a Building Use Application form.

Weddings are Beautiful at Trinity ChurchWeddings

Persons interested in having their wedding at Trinity should first read the Wedding Guidelines. Then, they should contact the church office to arrange a conversation with a pastor.

Please note: wedding dates are not ideal to be set up over the phone. Final wedding date and confirmation will be set with the pastor at the time of the first meeting. Persons do not have to be members of the church to have their wedding at Trinity UMC.


The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated approximately every two months, typically at our 10:45 a.m. worship service. Contact the church office to learn about upcoming Baptism dates. The family needs to plan a time to bring in a completed Baptism Application Form. Once that form is brought to the office, a pastor will contact the family to arrange an orientation. The details of the baptismal vows will be discussed during that meeting and the final date confirmation will be confirmed.

Persons do not have to be members of the church for the baptism to be held at Trinity. However, it is presumed that families will fulfill their baptismal vows by participating in the life of the congregation.