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You're invited to watch, learn, discuss, and study with a Small Group

Opportunities for growth, discovery, learning, and deepening your Christian faith

As Christians, we're called to move along the path of discipleship. Some may be just at the beginning of the journey, perhaps unsure where or how to start. Others have already delved deeply into matters of faith and discipleship and await new opportunities. Part of discipleship involves being connected with others and finding traveling companions for the journey.

Trinity Church offers many small group and adult education opportunities to help you along your Discipleship Path. If you have questions or would like to talk about the small group and adult education ministry, please contact Pastor Deb De Vos.

Small Groups are highly recommended as they are meant to help you find ways to become more intentional in your Christian journey by sharing with you the many opportunities to join others in our Trinity family to study, serve, pray, gather, explore, give, and more. There is power in gathering with our Christian sisters and brothers, and if you haven't had an experience like this yet, please take the opportunity to do so.

The Trinity Discipleship Path

Discipleship is both God's work through grace and our efforts in self-discovery. Grace is God's love for us. It's an undeserved, free gift to us from Him. It paves the way ahead of us and hems us in from behind. God's grace is there before we know we need or want it. Discipleship is largely about letting God do these things in us and you can learn about this beautiful path in the guide below.