Day Spring Sponsorship

Leah Shali Deche.
Leah was able to start her high school education on May 11, 2022. Thanks to Trinity’s support. She is in form one, which means she has three more years to complete high school after completing this 2022 academic year. She is studying at St. Mary Mabera Girls Secondary School, where the other four girls being supported are studying.
Leah is a very passionate, resilient, and courageous girl. She is currently living at Wema Girls' center at First UMC Moheto, being taken care of by our Pastor and his wife and the girls' matron Alice Robi.  She aspires to become a doctor or a psychiatrist because she wants to help fellow girls in her community who are survivors of violence to heal.

Lovine Teresiah Ouma
Teresiah, was able to start her high school education on May 11, 2022. Thanks to Trinity’s support. Like Leah, Teresiah is in form one, and she is studying at St. Cecilia Nangina Girls High school, where the other two girls being supported are studying.
Receiving support to continue her education is hope for her family and community. Teresiah is the second last born in a family of six siblings. Her elder four siblings dropped out of school due to a lack of school fees. Her parents are HIV positive, adversely affecting their family's well-being. As she says, "Seeing my parents in bed each day frightens me. I am afraid of being married to a polygamous family. I am afraid of HIV/AIDS. I want to go to school and become a doctor. To help people understand the effects of HIV/AIDS. To help our community prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. I do not want to drop out of schools like my brothers and sister. My mum never went to school. And my dad was a newspaper salesperson because he never went to college. My brothers can only do farm work. But I want to be a doctor."